Things To Do in Chattanooga: Discs, Discs, Discs

Chattanooga disc and frisbee

Ever since Fred Morrison threw his wife’s pie pan, Americans have been in love with throwing discs. In Chattanooga discs are flying all over the place. From Frisbees in Coolidge  Park to Chattanooga Ultimate, if you can throw and catch, … Continue reading

Ocoee Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking

Whitewater near Chattanooga

Chattanooga is convenient to some of the best white water in the country.  Drive thirty minutes and you are at the 1996 Olympic Whitewater center. The Ocoee Whitewater Center, located in Ducktown, Tennessee is just an hour from Chattanooga, is … Continue reading

Spring Means Gardening In Chattanooga

spring means gardening in Chattanooga

Spring means gardening and in Chattanooga, we take that very seriously. Chattanooga has many go to sources for the home gardener. Whether you are a minimalist, vegetable raiser or a hardcore dirty girl, you can find the right materials and … Continue reading

Day of no obligations: Chattanooga Style

What to do in Chattanooga

The Daily Post‘s prompt of the day today was what would you do if you had no obligations for one day. No kids, no job, house to clean, errands to run, children to raise, etc. Literally nothing you must do. That … Continue reading

Restaturants in North Chattanooga

restaurants in north chattanooga

Before I visit a new town, I do a little research. Of course, I want to know where I am going, but mostly I want to know where the best places to eat are located. Chattanooga is quickly becoming a … Continue reading

Chattanooga is Local

Chattanooga is local

When I travel and people hear that I am from  Chattanooga, I often get asked “What is Chattanooga like?”  The media, including the New York Times , has recently lauded Chattanooga with “best town” and “must visit”. However, people really … Continue reading