Not Your Usual Empty Nest

Those of us looking at retirement  and empty nests now or in the next 10 years are a unique brand of people. Baby boomers tend to come in all shapes, sizes and with interest across the spectrum. Our retirement if often early and may not be retirement at all, but a beginning of a new career. The opportunities abound for where to live and what to do once our nests are empty and our lives take a new direction.

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The type of homes we live in after the nest gets empty is so different than our parent’s  generation. We live more active lives, have children that may or may not return (multiple times) and we have on the whole, a longer post nest lifespan than prior generations.

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One of the things that has always intrigued me is living in a quiet retreat in the mountains.  Of course, I would need to be near the modern conveniences of a city, but the peace and quiet of a mountain home is very attractive to me. An outdoor fire in the winter, a place to sit and reflect in the spring, and a home that is a true change of pace of what I have known thus far in my life is something many people like me are looking for.

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One of the best homes on the market in my area right now fits that bill. Located on Lookout Mountain, just 25 minutes from downtown Chattanooga, this is a wonderful empty nest opportunity. Enough land  (15 acres) to play on  and have no visible neighbors, but not too much to get overwhelmed by the upkeep.

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A unique floor plan that includes three bedrooms, three full baths  and room for adult children and someday grandchildren to come and visit.  Updated and comfortable, as I don’t want a “project”. Plus, near civilization without being “in civilization”. The home is absolutely gorgeous and a naturalists delight. Grand windows, many updates, a spa and indoor pool make it a empty nester’s dream.

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The home has a sister house just up the road that offers a different version of the same kind of living. Updated bathrooms, beautiful kitchen, ample storage and an open floor plan all create a wonderful home, while an outdoor workshop is set up with electricity to power all the toys and tools anyone could desire.

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Four bedrooms and three full baths accommodate the friends and family you will ultimately have visit, but still is an easy floor plan for a couple to navigate.

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Foxsmall (20 of 32)For more information about either of these wonderful home,  visit or contact Diane Patty at to schedule a tour. Having an empty nest now means many opportunities are available. Why not have the nest you want?