Best Tacos in Chattanooga

Tacos are the quintessential American food, just under hamburgers. We love them! They come in all manners of styles and levels of complexity, from the salty and crunch Taco Bell taco you enjoy at 11:30pm to the fantastically complex taco available at the taco stand down the street. Americans love tacos and Chattanooga has tacos.  Here are my two  votes for the best tacos in Chattanooga.

I happen to really like the Taco Bell taco. But, really only eat them when I am traveling and need to pull off for something quick. At home in Chattanooga, I choose to enjoy tacos from locally owned businesses. There is something really comforting and satisfying about a the sweet, salty and cool combination of a taco. Soft or hard,  I like them both.

Taco Mamacita

Taco Mamcita is the flagship North Shore restaurant  of local restaurateur couple, the Monen’s, empire. The funky and eclectically decorated restaurant is comfortable and casual. And so are the tacos. These non-traditional tacos such the Oy Vey, Shrim Po’ Boy, and Vegetarian Jerk are all uniquely Taco Mamacita and all delicious. I love the Taco Royale which is roasted chicken, salsa verde, pico de gallo, crumbled chorizo, black beans, lettuce and their signature house made chipotle cream sauce (Mama Sauce).  Spicy and delicious. Their Vegetarian Jerk is also a favorite with plantains,  cabbage, fantastic mango salsa, beans, jerk sauce and aioli, which sounds and tastes like nothing you have ever had. Inexpensive, quick and always delicious, these are your “fancy tacos” in Chattanooga. 109 Market Street. 

best tacos in Chattanoog

Taco Mamacita

Taqueria Jalisco

These are the tacos you crave when you are starving and want the real deal. Situated in a tiny restaurant on the Southside, Taqueria Jaliso grew from a taco truck to a restaurant thanks in part to the fantastic cooking of Maria Parra and the marketing genius of Jorge Parra. These are the real, Mexican tacos you love. Made with truly fresh ingredients, these tacos come two ways, Americana and Mexicano. Americana has cheese, Mexicano has avocado.  Tacos are available with a wide variety of meat and veggies including the typical steak and chicken, but also tongue, cactus, shrimp and veggies. Order the guacamole, two tacos and try the green chile and your day is made.  My favorite is the Mexicano taco with grilled shrimp. The shrimp is butterflied and well seasoned and blends well  with the cool avocado and the spicy green chile. Fresh and made like these tacos are their business, which it is. 1634 Rossville Ave.

best tacos in Chattanooga

Taqueria Jalisco

There are plenty of honorable mention when it comes to Chattanooga tacos. Taco Nooga on the North Shore offers a delicious twist on the traditional taco. Amigos offers the traditional Americanized Tex-Mex tacos on their fifty cent taco night.

Chattanooga offers an amazing number of food options and tacos are included. What do you think are the best tacos in Chattanooga?


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