Think Twice Before Moving to Chattanooga

There are so many places that  you can move in the United States that offer a great place to live. Many cities have affordable housing, many have arts, and  others have great outdoor living. There are so many towns, small and large that offer all of these. But very few offer all of these. Chattanooga is one of these towns. Here is why you must think twice before moving to Chattanooga, and then move to Chattanooga!


The Chattanooga real estate market has remained affordable and for the most part, level even during the housing crisis. The median home price of $145,000 makes Chattanooga one of the most affordable cities in the country. The fastest internet in the country can also be found in Chattanooga and the cost of it is amazingly low compared to other markets. Cost of living and transportation is affordable as well, thanks in part to a great public transportation system and walkable downtown area.  Chattanooga enjoys many free and low priced forms of entertainment including Nightfall Concerts (free) and Riverbend Music Festival (low cost) and Three Sisters Music Festival (free).

Think twice before moving to Chattanooga, TN

Riverbend Festival, Chattanooga


Few cities the size of Chattanooga (160,000) are home to both a world class art museum and a symphony orchestra. Chattanooga not only is home the Hunter Museum of American Art, the Chattanooga Symphony Orchestra, but also is home to a city ballet company and numerous acting troupes, all of which perform at the restored Tivoli Theater or the Chattanooga Theater Centre. Live music abounds in Chattanooga, with both local and national acts performing. Track 29, Rhythm and Brews, Memorial Auditorium and the Tivoli Theater all feature music acts regularly.

Think twice before moving to Chattanooga, TN

Stage of the Tivoli Theater


Chattanooga is home to so many amazing restaurants, numerous farmer markets and food trucks galore! Whether you like to cook or are a restaurant devotee, Chattanooga has embraced the local food craze. You can head to the Chattanooga Farmer’s Market on Sundays, spring through Thanksgiving and buy the freshest produce, meat and baked goods around. Visit the Chattanooga Southside and restaurant choices from the very best  tacos at the three tables at Taqueria Jalisco  or head over to the Northern Italian date night dining at Alleia  and you will find local food from within 100 miles.

Think twice before moving to Chattanooga, TN

Taqueria Jalisco, small but delicious

You can choose to move anywhere you would like in the country and you should really think about where you truly want to live. But have you have had time to think twice about moving to Chattanoga, TN.. you should go ahead and move here!