A Second Career in Retirement

Retirement can mean a lot of things to different people. One person’s bliss may be another’s total boredom. Looking at retirement from the point of view as more of a career change instead of a career end can lead to a world of possibilities.  Looking at your skills outside your career could tell you where your next chapter will lead. Real estate and the companion businesses that tie in with it can be a great second (or third career).

619 Oneal Street

Often, we have stationary jobs that we cannot wait to escape. No matter how rewarding our job, sitting at a desk for 30 years can be a little boring. Retirement can mean freedom of movement to those folks. A hobby or skill for construction. can lead to a lucrative career as a renovator or home “flipper”. A savvy eye for decor and knowledge of color and balance could lead to a career as a home stager or design consultant. Good personal relationship skills and patience lead to a lucrative career as a investment property owner.

20141124_110508 (2)

As times change and life spans are extended, people are looking for continuing career options after retirement or after a major life change. Investing in real estate, whether with a business or with purchase of actual property can be a great opportunity. The opportunity for  a flexible work life is as vast as the options.


As realtors, we can assist you in your search for a second career in real estate.


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