Winter in Chattanooga is Great Time to Be Outdoors

Chattanooga is having a normal winter after an abnormal fall. Temperatures are staying in the upper 40’s- low 50’s during the day and dipping below freezing at night. And it is raining. Rain is the trade off for great temperatures in Chattanooga during the winter. We rarely have snow and the climate is very moderate with a usually short winter.

winter in Chattanooga


Winter is one of the reasons to move to Chattanooga. All the things that  you enjoy the rest of the year can be enjoyed in the winter. Hiking in Chattanooga is the best time to enjoy the views from the tops of Lookout, Signal, Raccoon, Mowbry and Elder Mountains since the bare trees do not block the views. I went hiking on Christmas day on a trail that I have been on numerous times and found boulders that I had  no idea where there! The trees and vines had covered them the three other seasons.  This is also the reason climbing and bouldering are great in the winter.

Mountain biking is huge in the winter in Chattanooga. Trails are more visible and it is easier to anticipate what is coming up, meaning it is easier to go fast! Raccoon Mountain is full of trail riders in the winter months. Running trails is easier as well. Recently people from all over the country came to participate in the Lookout Mountain 50 Mile Trail race. The weather was perfect for running (mid 50’s) and over 180 runners finished.

Running is huge in Chattanooga all year long. The roads and sidewalks are full of runners no matter what the day, time or season. Serious runners love the winter season with mild afternoons, perfect for running the bridges downtown or along the Riverwalk. And there are plenty of races. beginning with the Karen Lawrence New Years Eve Run all the way to the Cupid’s Chase and the Scenic City  Half Marathon in February. Chattanooga is a running town.

No matter what you like to do outdoors, you can enjoy the benefits of a mild winter and continue to enjoy all Chattanooga has to offer.  For more information about relocating to Chattanooga or what great things there are to do here, contact Chattanooga Property Shop or send for our free location package.


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