Where the Bagels Are In Chattanooga

The first thing I look for when I travel is a good authentic bagel shop. There is nothing like a fresh bagel with a smear of cream cheese and a good cup of coffee. Up until recently, Chattanooga was lacking in those lovely chewy circles of dough.  That has changed and there are not only good bagels, but actual choices of bagel locales!

Here are a few options for bagels in Chattanooga


Niedlov’s Breadworks 

John Sweet loves bread. You can tell this by eating any of the bread he makes. Chattanooga sour dough, flaky croissants and real bagels. Just the right amount of chewy and the perfect size, his bagels are exactly what I love about bagels. The choices atNiedlov’s are very traditional. Multigrain,blueberry and everything. That’s it. But when you add your favorite toppings, that is all you need. Head over today and buy a bagel or a dozen (they freeze well) and enjoy a truly delicous, real bagel. Niedlovs is located on Main Street in the South Side area of Chattanooga and offers pasteries, bread and lunch daily.

bagels in Chattanooga

Einstein Bros.Bagels

If you like a variety of bagel flavors, Einstein Bros. is your best bet. Everything from cranberry to spinach and everything in between can be found. ( I counted nearly twenty the last time I was in there!) The cream cheese options are almost as numerous making your choices nearly endless. Excellent bagel sandwiches can be found as well for both breakfast and lunch.  The bagels are great, the coffee is hot and if you live in East Brainerd, the location is close.

bagels in Chattanooga

Panera Bread

While the bagels at Panera Bread are not traditional chewy bagels, they are tasty bagels. Everyone seems to really love the cinnamon crunch bagel which is the bagels equivalent of a cinnabon.  Bagels, cream cheese and numerous other pastries are always available at Panera Bread, which enjoys three locations in Chattanooga (Market Street, Gunbarrel and Hixson Pike).

Bagels in Chattanooga

No matter what your preference, you can find bagels all over the city of Chattanooga, which is a sign that we have truly arrived in the culinary scene! We live, work, play and eat in Chattanooga and if you would like any info (including where to get the best chicken strips in Chattanooga) please feel free to contact us. We love our city and are happy to share why!


bagels in Chattanooga


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