Things To Do in Chattanooga: Discs, Discs, Discs

Ever since Fred Morrison threw his wife’s pie pan, Americans have been in love with throwing discs. In Chattanooga discs are flying all over the place. From Frisbees in Coolidge  Park to Chattanooga Ultimate, if you can throw and catch, you have a place to do so.Chattanooga discChattanooga is an outdoorsy town. The great weather we enjoy makes everyone want to be outdoors. Hiking, biking, kayaking and throwing discs? You bet. The popularity of disc golf and ultimate Frisbee has not escaped Chattanooga.  On any given afternoon or weekend, there are discs flying in Chattanooga.

Disc Golf

Ever growing in popularity, disc golf is a challenging game where ever it is played.  Played like regular golf butaround trees, up hills and over sink holes,  disc golf can be down right hard. Chattanooga has numerous disc golf courses  ranging from the urban 6 holes of The Nob to the trickier 18 holes of The Sinks.  The Sinks disc golf course is a tight, wooded, technical eighteen hole course located an easy ten minute drive from downtown. Called The Sinks because of the numerous sink holes located throughout, this course is one of the most elaborate of all the courses in Chattanooga. Featuring  short and long tees, and multiple pin placements as well as a long driving range for practice, The Sinks is very popular. Located  at the North River Soccer Complex , this is a very popular course  as it is both dog and stroller friendly. Other courses in the Chattanooga area are the Camp Jordan DGCWalden 9 on Top and Portland Park located at the corner of Suck Creek Road and Signal Mountain Blvd. Most courses are free and maintenance is provided by Chattanooga’s Flying Disc Club.Chattanooga discUltimate Frisbee

If you like to run, Ultimate is for you! Ultimate Frisbee or Ultimate as it is more commonly called, is a cardio lovers dream. Players score points by passing to their player in the  opposing end zone, while not moving when in possession of the disc.  Teams play against each other often traveling for tournament. Chattanooga is host to numerous tournaments and the Chattanooga Flying Disc Club is a huge advocate for the sport. Ultimate is a hugely popular sport in Chattanooga and new teams are always being formed.Chattanooga disc Whether you are a casual frisbee slinger or a hardcore ultimate player, there is a Chattanooga disc option for you.


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