Riverbend Festival

I love music. There is nothing better than hearing live music,especially if it is outside at a cool venue. Chattanoogans are lucky to have their very own music festivals. Riverbend and Three Sisters music festivals  are both held in Chattanooga. While they are very different, they offer a  great venue to enjoy live music. Coming up in just a few days, the Riverbend music festival offers a wide variety of music, of different styles and popularity, all in one spot.

music festivals

photo courtesy of Riverbend Festival Facebook page

Begun in 1982 the Riverbend Festival known locally as just Riverbend, is hugely popular.   Over the years, the festival has grown from five nights to nine nights of its current run. The attendance for Riverbend has grown over the years and there are now regularly over 650,000 people that come over the course of the festival from all over Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama. Set on the banks of the Tennessee River, it is named for the bend that Chattanooga is built on.  Local and nationally known artists play on five stages.  The opening weekend, there is a Riverbend Run, which is sponsored  by BlueCross.

Festival attendees have different agendas in mind for their individual experiences. Teenagers go to see and be seen. Adults go to find new music and relish the acts that they have always loved. Everyone goes to have a good time.  Admission is  inexpensive with pre-sale wrist bands costing $35 and $50 at the gate. This includes all 9 nights. One day passes can be purchased for $26.  Attendance is huge, with people of all ages, from little kids looking to ride the festival rides to senior citizens who just love the music and everyone in between coming every night.


Past music acts have spanned different genres and generations. From Ceelo Green to Lynrd Skynrd, Eric Church to Willie Nelson the artists are different each night and every year. This year finds Boston, Widespread Panic and Young the Giant all performing, as well as local acts The Bohannons, The Power Players and Shark Week.

No matter what your musical taste, you will find something to listen to at Riverbend, one of Chattanooga’s music festivals.


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