Chattanooga Schools: Westview Elementary




When relocating to a new state/city, schools are foremost on the minds of parents. Public or private, walking distance or bused, smaller school or larger are all questions that must be considered. Chattanooga has many schools to choose from. Both public and private, large and small. Starting with Westview Elementary, I will highlight a few of the many schools in Chattanooga. Disclaimer: These posts in no way an endorsement. I do not pretend in any way to be a school expert. Instead, it is merely information that may help  in the real estate search process of the  relocation process. 

Westview Elementary School Chattanooga


Chattanooga has a tradition of great elementary schools. Westview Elementary School in the East Brainerd area is one of these schools. The school, which is located on the corner of East Brainerd and Ooltewah-Ringgold Roads, was once a horse farm and the surrounding area reflects that.

One of 45 elementary schools in Hamilton County School District, Westview public school that serves 767 students in grades K-5.  The student to teacher ratio is consistently 16:1. The school is a newer building and class offerings include in addition to the common core classes, art and music.  Students test scores consistently fall significantly higher than that state average.

Westview Elementary School Chattanooga

Westview elementary has a very active parent organization. The Westview PTO works hard to support school principal, Margo William both through volunteer and financial support. They raise funds to make the school the best possible via participation in corporate and local fundraising events. The PTO has arranged to offer optional Spanish classes for students who are interested.  They also have a yearly school carnival which is open to the community and is the main fundraiser for the year. Parent volunteerism is also high, with parents helping on field trips, with classroom help and with the details, large and small that make a school great. The school and its PTO make sure to acknowledge the volunteers via their wonderful website, there by encouraging more of the volunteerism which makes the school great.

Information about the school, including registration and zoning questions can be answered by calling Westview Office Phone (423) 855-6141.

*All info including zoning can also be found at the Hamilton County Department of Education 


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