Day of no obligations: Chattanooga Style

The Daily Post‘s prompt of the day today was what would you do if you had no obligations for one day. No kids, no job, house to clean, errands to run, children to raise, etc. Literally nothing you must do. That is such a foreign concept in today’s world, and my life is just as busy as everyone else’s. So, I really had to think about the concept.

Here is what I came up with:

My day of no obligation. (*Chattanooga style, of course)

First of all, I would sleep until I woke up. Very foreign concept in the life of a real estate agent and mother.

After a leisurely coffee on my back deck enjoying the gorgeous views of my family farm. I would head into Chattanooga for breakfast at one of the best restaurants in town. And since this is my dream, there would be no line at Bluegrass Grill and I would not have to wait for my favorite biscuit and Greek Omelet. Seriously, the biscuits are worth dreaming about. And waiting in line for.

What to do in Chattanooga

Fed and ready to head out for adventure, I would drive to Lookout Mountain to Cravens House and hike up to Sunset Rock, which has one of the best views in the area. I love that you start with the view from Craven’s House, head through the spooky Rifle Pits and cruise along those gorgeous trees with the mountain practically hanging over you the whole time. After sitting and pondering my life, I would head back down and sit on the lawn near the monument and read a book for awhile. A real book. With pages.

By then, I would be hungry again and so I would have to head down to St. Elmo to Mojo Burritofor my favorite nachos. Mojo Burrito is a landmark in the St. Elmo neighborhood and delicious. My kids grew up eating their Mini Mojos and Lily Bowls, while I have always gravitated to the Macho Nachos. The St Elmo location is the original one and the funky art and people that work there complete the fun atmosphere.

After lunch, I would head to Warehouse Row and wander through the shops that I rarely have time to visit anymore. Embellish would be my preferred place to spend money as I love shoes. And boots. Excellent service and brands are their reputation and one is never disappointed. There are many other shops including Kayce Hughes, Amanda Pinson Jewelry and Revival.

what to do in Chattanooga

The outdoors would be calling me again by this point, so I would head to the Chattanooga Riverwalk for a bike ride. Riding the path along the Tennessee River is really beautiful and often fun for people watching. Runners, walkers, kids and grandparents use the Riverwalk daily. Along the path you can find restaurants, playgrounds, sculpture gardens, and of course, the river. The view is unbeatable. I love watching the boats in summer go by.

what to do in Chattanooga

At this point I would need to be entertained, so I would head to the Tivoli for a show, the Hunter Museum to see an exhibit or to  the Majestic for a movie. Chattanooga’s Tivoli and Hunter are two of the biggest cultural gifts to the city. Every time I visit either of them I am amazed.

My day would end with a late dinner at The Public House or Alleia, both of which I love. So depending on whether I wanted pimento cheese and toast or mussels, I would head to one of these locally owned  Southside restaurants for dinner with friends.

A day of no obligation in Chattanooga offer so many options. I did not make it to the North Shore, Lookout Mountain, East Brainerd or Hixson. I would need at least a week of no obligation. Keep dreaming, right?


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