MLKing/ University Neighborhood

Chattanooga is home to a lot of history, historical homes and buildings. From being a trade route in the early 1800’s, the location of battles during the Civil War and the home of one of Tennessee’s oldest universities, the city has seen its fair share of history. The MLKing/University neighborhood is full of such history. Part of the Lyndhurst Foundation plan of investment and long term livability, this neighborhood is both historical and diverse.

The MLKing/ University  neighborhood includes many restored turn of the century homes in the Fort Wood district near the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. This thriving area is populated by families, singles and businesses and is on the historical registry. Shady streets with beautiful turn of the century homes can be found throughout.

In the middle of this area, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga can be found. A beautiful red brick campus has the gorgeous Patten Chapel, dedicated in 1919, as the jewel in its gorgeous crown. The school is part of the University of Tennessee network and is home to a world class library and state of the art facilities.


 Older apartment buildings with historic character surround the campus, along Georgia Avenue and Lindsey Street.   These buildings reflect the various architectural styles that were brought to Chattanooga via the commerce along the river. Newer condos and town homes are located here as well, to suit all tastes in urban living.


Restaurants, coffee shops and bars where local musicians play can be found along both MLKing and McCallie Avenue including nationally recognized Champy’s Chicken. New businesses seem to pop up every week. The area is a thriving and diverse part of the city.


For more info on living in this neighborhood, click here. Chattanooga Property Shop is proud to be part of such a wonderful and diverse historical city.


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