Chattanooga South Side

The Chattanooga South Side is one of Chattanooga’s fastest growing neighborhoods. Local businesses moved into the area as part of the Lyndhurst Foundation’s plan to add to “the long-term livability and resilience of the greater Chattanooga region”. With the addition of the Battle Academy magnet school in 2004, the area began to experience a revitalization that has led it to be one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Chattanooga.

 chattanooga southside

The Chattanooga South Side is home to artists, restaurants and local businesses as well as the people that own and work in those businesses. Described by River City Company as “ a trendy strip of art houses, galleries, restaurants and beautifully restored architecture spanning Main Street and beyond. It’s the epicenter of our very own cool, southern-cosmopolitan groove that attracts artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and those who look at life from a slightly different perspective.”

Chattanooga South Side

Local businesses such as Niedlov’s Bakery, the Crash Pad Hostel and South Side Creative Group  make up the diversity of the landscape. In 213, Enzo’s Market opened a cross breed of a city bodega and a trendy deli to make the area completely self-sufficient and bike able.  In addition, the Chattanooga Market makes it’s home for 6 months out of the year in the area in the First Tennessee Pavilion.

 New construction houses and condos have popped up next to newly renovated and longtime homes.  Historical buildings are now mixed use, with wonderful exposed brick walls. The mix of old and new, as well as the affordability of the area has drawn both first time home buyers as well as investors to purchase in the area.

Completely walkable and convenient to downtown companies  EPB, TVA , Unum and Blue Cross Blue Shield as well as many others, the South Side feels like a community. In fact, to celebrate and showcase the diversity and community, the neighborhood has a held a 24 hour festival the past 6 years. Held in December MainX24 is one of the most fun and well attended festivals held in Chattanooga.

If you are moving to the area and are looking for a unique and diverse neighborhood, or live in Chattanooga and want to live where the action and art reside, the Chattanooga Southside is for you.

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