Chattanooga is a city that invests in itself

Chattanooga is a city that invests in itself. Since the 1960’s when it was called “The dirtiest city in America” by Walter Cronkite, the city leaders have strived to improve the city and its image.  Several groups were formed with the mission to clean up the city and improve the quality of life of the citizens of Chattanooga.  With the creation of Chattanooga Venture in 1985, which ultimately built the Tennessee Aquarium and brought back the Chattanooga downtown area, Chattanooga experienced a great renaissance of growth.  The forward thinking members of Chattanooga created an industry that show cased the new Chattanooga, spawning growth through hotels, restaurants and the revitalization of downtown.

The Lyndhurst Foundation is a grant foundation in Chattanooga whose focus is to contribute to “the long-term livability and resilience of the greater Chattanooga region”.  Via education, the arts, conservation and investment in the community infrastructure, the foundation works to improve Chattanooga for future generations.  The foundation has partnered with other businesses, foundations and organizations to attract new businesses and industries in the technology field to the Chattanooga area, believing this is the future of not only our city, but the world.

Gig City ,which is that partnership, offered an incentive to “Geeks”,  technology forerunners to not only move to Chattanooga, but to help improve key neighborhoods by purchasing home and revitalizing communities. These neighborhoods include the Southside, Highland Park and ML King Neighborhood, all of which are convenient to downtown.

By incentivizing new families to move and bring not only their knowledge and industry to Chattanooga, but also to invest their lives here, the “Geek Move” also encourages an investment in neighborhoods that may have lost that incentive or ability to grow.

Chattanooga is a forward thinking city. Now is the time to live and invest here.


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