Continuing Education in Chattanooga

Chattanooga is a college town. The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Covenant College, Chattanooga Community College and Southern Adventist College all are located in and around the city. There is an endless supply of young, education minded people it seems.

While the education of our youth is very important and an integral part of the constantly improvement of Chattanooga, both civically and physically, adult educational offerings are just as vital. As one of the nation’s top areas for retirement living, Chattanooga strives to be a place where all minds can be intrigued and improved. And as everyone knows, staying engaged mentally your entire life is the key to remaining sharp in your later years. Residents of Chattanooga have many opportunities to do this both in a university setting and via educational organizations around town.

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga  and Chattanooga Community College offers monthly non accredited classes through their continuing education departments. These classes range from artistic classes such a jewelry and quilt making, to retirement planning and human resources management classes and at Chattanooga State, truck driving. These classes change from month to month. UTC also offers classes at a reduced rate of $7 per credit hour for students over 65. You could potentially be a student the rest of your life, if you so choose.

Looking to improve your IQ or keep sharp? Learning a language is a great way to do this. Conversational language classes are offered at Chattanooga Community College as well as at the Chattanooga School of Language.  Both offer classes in Chinese Mandarin and Spanish, beginning at the beginner level all the way to advanced. The Chattanooga School of Language also offers Japanese, French, German and English as a second language. Classes at both schools are reasonably priced, making learning a new language a great investment.

For the more creative minded, painting classes, photography classes and more are offered via various businesses and organizations around town. Townsend Atelier offers fine arts supplies and classes to those interested in improving their artistic skill in both painting and sculpting. The Photographic Society of Chattanooga offers classes year round including Beginners Boot Camp. This should be a requirement for all Chattanooga residents as this in one of the most photogenic city in the country!

These suggestions just scratch the surface. Cooking classes, landscape architecture, code writing and many other interests can be satisfied in Chattanooga. The education never stops.


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