Chattanooga Local Beer Breweries

Chattanooga, like many towns in the United States, has caught the craft beer fever. Traditionally larger cities such as Boston (Harpoon) and Atlanta (SweetWater) have been where microbreweries popped up, however Chattanooga is holding its own.  Home to the Southern Brewers Festival, Chattanoogans have developed a love of local beer and out of that have come several great local breweries.

In a very old building in St. Elmo, you will find Moccasin Bend Brewery. Located in the cool basement of the building where WWII rations were made, this brewery feels like a cross between a fraternity house and your best friend’s basement. Chris Hunt, resident brewer is apparently fond of beer and friends. Local favorite Lookout Mountain Lager finds itself next to 6-8 other brews, all different and most delicious. Have a hankering for hanging out with friends, playing Foosball on a Saturday afternoon enjoying a local craft beer?  Head to St. Elmo and Moccasin Bend Brewery where “Weird is Good”.


The Terminal Brewhouse is another brewery that grew up out of love of beer and friends. Located on the corner of Main and Market Street in a 100 year old flat iron building, The Terminal Brewhouse has garnered a reputation for delicious, strong flavored beer and a great place to hang out with your family. A sampler is the way to go to work your way from light to dark and beyond. The three story building is as unique as the people that work there and the beer they brew. Try the Altbier and the post roast nachos while watching the game at their awesome bar.

Jonathon Clark and Mark Marcum of Chattanooga Brewing Company brought back a company that closed its doors in 1915 due to prohibition. Located on the North Shore, these guys strive to be a vital part of the local community. Their Hill City IPA is delicious and has a large following in Chattanooga.

Hosts of the Southern Brewers Fest and the first local brewery, Big River Grille and Brewing Works is by far the largest and best known brewery in town.  Southern Flyer is a mainstay of most beer lover’s summers as it is an easy drinking beer for a hot summer day. Located downtown, you can find their beer in cans (the first in the state) at local stores.


A town that loves local and strives to eat, drink and shop local obviously would have local breweries. Chattanooga is very proud of its local businesses and what they give back to the city.  All of these breweries participated in the Southern Brewers Festival and to date have given nearly $1 million dollars raised to local charities including The Chattanooga Community Kitchen.

Eat, drink and be merry means local in Chattanooga.


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