Chattanooga and North Georgia Wineries

Chattanooga is a food loving city. And what goes with food? Wine, of course!  Chattanooga and North Georgia are home to numerous vineyards and wineries.

Georgia first farm winery is located just down the road from Chattanooga in Ringgold, GA. In 1982, a heart doctor (this is a theme) looked into becoming a farmer. Sadly, he discovered his land was not suitable for growing food. He was overjoyed, however to find that it was suitable for growing grapes. A wine lover, Dr. Maurice Rawlings Sr. started the Georgia Winery at the bottom of Lookout Mountain.  Today, organic Muscadine grapes are grown on that picturesque land and weddings are held there regularly.

The Georgia Winery hand bottles the wine, feeling like this produces a superior product, which explains the popularity of their wines. A tour of the winery, vineyard and bottling facility can be taken on Saturdays from 2-4, no reservations needed. The Georgia Winery store is located just 20 minutes from downtown Chattanooga at 6469 Battlefield Parkway Ringgold, GA 30736   and their wines can be shipped to you or found at several retailers. All information can be held at their website

Another doctor (there’s the theme) decided that he wanted to be a winemaker, this time in Tennessee. Dr. Ray DeBarge and his father in law bought a farm in 1996 and began taking online classes to become a winemaker. After years of learning lessons about growing grapes (many of them hard), Ray decided to open his own winery and so DeBarge Winery opened in the Southside of Chattanooga. The winery, which is located at 1617 Rossville Ave, offers tastings 1-6 most days and offers half price off your first bottle of wine on Fridays. The DeBarge wines are delicious, especially Chardonooga made from two Tennessee hybrid grapes, the Chardonel and the Cayuga White. Ray DeBarge strives to create a local craft community in the Southside with local brewers and distillers.

wineries in north georgia

My family farm is also home to a local vineyard, Millstone VIneyard, which produces grapes used by DeBarge winery in addition to their own grapes for their wines. Millstone Winery grows Chardonel grapes as well as Cynthiana/Norton and Chambourcin. Owners Laura and Lee Kay and Chris Sterns and Kathy West spend lots of time and care to grow quality grapes. We are proud to be part of the North Georgia and Chattanooga tradition of producing great wine.

Chattanooga offers so many different kinds of wonderful culture. Living or retiring here is such a pleasure. Let Chattanooga Property Shop help you find the perfect home in Chattanooga or North Georgia.


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