Stage your home during the fall

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Fall could be the best time to stage your home for resale. If you do it right, potential buyers could imagine themselves safe and warm in your home. While spring owns the outside of your home with flowers and new green trees, autumn is your friend for inside staging.

A few tips to make your home seem cozy and warm are all you need to create the perfect vision of future days spent there.

stage your home for fall

Maybe a little too much…

Let there be light. Warm cozy rooms are so inviting. Turn on lamps and overhead lights. The atmosphere of warm inside and dark outside can be played up. To many people, light equals warmth.  Even from the street, the glow of light from the interior of a home evokes a sense of coziness.


Fire is your friend. Men love fire and women love the intimacy a fire offers. Make sure your chimney and fireplace are clean and your flu open before you start a fire. Smoke does not equal cozy. A well placed candle or two also create the atmosphere of welcoming. Just make sure the scent is in keeping with the season and not overwhelming. Consider the feeling of a fireplace if yours is non functioning, by using candles to create the same mood.

Create a cozy scene. Warm, nubby throws and warmer fabrics go a long way to create the sense of comfort in a home. Change out your throw pillows and throws for warmer colors and textures.

Decorate for the season. A fall wreath or simple pumpkin and mums create a lovely fall scene. Over the top decorations can distract from the visual you are trying to create. Hay bales and scary witches may not necessarily make potential buyers feel comfortable.


Curb appeal. A little goes a long way. Rake your leaves, mulch your beds and dead head your dying plants. Fall is a beautiful season and a few well-placed fall plants can make a huge difference in blah and beautiful. Mums, Asters, fall grasses and goldenrod can make your yard and walkway look amazingly good.

The right buyer is out there looking for your home. A little creativity and forethought might nudge them along with visions of cozy evenings by the fire in their wonderful new home.  Follow us on Pinterest for more tips and decorating ideas. Contact Chattanooga Property Shop for a free home analysis and tips on staging your home for a fall sale.


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