Chattanooga,TN Top 10 Places to Retire

Chattanooga, TN was just voted in the top 10 of places to retire by several sources including USNews and World Report and Where to Retire magazine. While there are many factors included in the criteria used to decide what cities were included in the lists, housing is one of the top.

Chattanooga has two major things going for it when it comes to purchasing housing in general, but for retirees specifically. Cost and variety. Chattanooga has a relatively low cost of living compared to many major areas on the country (10 % less than the national average).  Housing in Chattanooga reflects this lower cost of living with the median home price being $140,000.  A home in Chattanooga with similar amenities in Atlanta or Nashville could cost as much as 50% more.

Variety of housing is the fun part of retiring. Chattanooga offers many types of housing choices to suit the numerous types of retirees. Those urbanites who are looking to retire to a more rural life can find land to suit their desires. Whether looking to become gentlemen farmers or just have a few acres to play around on, there are many farm and land options within 30 minutes of downtown Chattanooga. Folks looking for something with less maintenance have never had more options than are currently available today. Condos in downtown, North Chattanooga, the Southside and other areas around town give more choices than one can possibly imagine.Homes in established neighborhoods with excellent homeowner associations convenient to shopping and green spaces are an option as well.

Chattanooga top 10 places to retire

With advantageous tax situations in Tennessee for retirees, living in Chattanooga enables “more bang for your buck” when it comes to buying a home. The possibilities are endless. While the decision to buy a house can be a stressful one, those retiring in Chattanooga can take comfort in the knowledge that the decision was a good one.

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