Think Twice Before Moving to Chattanooga

Think twice before moving to chattanooga, TN

here are so many places that you can move in the United States that offer a great place to live. Many cities have affordable housing, many have arts, and others have great outdoor living. There are so many towns, small and large that offer all of these. But very few offer all of these. Chattanooga is one of these towns. Continue reading

Moving With A Toddler

Moving is stressful. Whether across town or across the country, there is nothing like uprooting your life to create some life stress. Want to raise that stress level up a notch (or 100)? Move with children. Especially toddlers. There is nothing as exhausting and rewarding as toddlers.And moving with one ( or more) can be very challenging.
Toddlers are curious little creatures. The world is their oyster and they want to explore! Moving is like a party for them. All the things they are unable to reach are for a short while, at least, in arms reach! On the floor! Conveniently grouped together! Childproofing becomes a battle plan.
Here are a few things to think about (and plan for) when moving with a toddler.
Dangerous Items
Most of us keep medications, cleansers and sharp objects put away, far away, from children’s reach. Moving these items creates a potential hazard. Mostly because they are available. When packing these items, secure them immediately in a taped shut box. Then store them out of toddler view, up on a table or in the garage.  Those items that are needed for packing (box cutters, scissors, tape with serrated cutting edge) should be stored high away from little  hands who will be drawn to them like moths to a flame. Also, watch those last minute cleaning sessions with harmful cleansers.
Lamps, light bulbs, shelving and disassembled furniture are all hazards to a toddle who will want to touch and pick up anything new in their line of vision. Keeping these items in room with a closed door if possible. More accidents happen when children climb on or pull down on themselves items that are not secured.
One thing to keep in mind is that moving is stressful for children as well. New is not necessarily welcomed when it is surroundings. Making the new home as familiar as possible can make the move less stressful for both you and them.
Their Stuff First
The last box on the truck and the first box off should be your child’s toys. Their room/ area should be the first set up with their familiar furniture and bedding. While it may be tempting to transition from crib to bed in a move, this could prove traumatic to a toddler.
Travel With the Crew
Of familiar lovies, that is. If you child has a group of toys they prefer to play with, keep them in the car with you. What may make for a crowded car ride from across town or across the country, could prove to save your sanity. If bunny, Buzz and  Elmo are current favorites, they need to be in the car!
Toddlers are resilient creatures and while the moments can be trying, the overall transition usually is easy. Keeping your sanity with a move just requires a little planning. Now if only the  movers themselves were so easy to manage!
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